We are a Nigerian youth-led Non-governmental Organization focused on the eradication and relief of poverty.

We provide support services to people of all age groups who are suffering, (or at the risk of suffering), significant harm, due to poverty. Our value-based projects provide relief to people experiencing financial crisis, by supporting them with basic human needs e.g. health care, accommodation and food.

Our empowerment programs, invests in preventative and rehabilitative services that enable people to become self-sustainable.

Our advocacy and preventative services impair the facilitators of poverty such as: inequalities in access to opportunities; lack of education/skill; unemployment; and unfair policies practices and attitude that marginalises people in the community. Our services are targeted at the micro, meso and macro level of the society, and we work in partnership with different sectors of the community to make available services, and create a positive change promoting environment, that supports people in destitution.

[vc_featured_box heading_text=”OUR VISION” content_text=”We see a future where poverty is being eradicated in Nigeria, and a future where people in financial difficulties are able to access support provisions to rehabilitate themselves.” heading_color=”#004c15″ content_color=”#004c15″ graphic=”image” graphic_size=”90″ image=”1953″ el_class=”bt-featured” css=”.vc_custom_1587049340612{margin-top: 10px !important;margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]
[vc_featured_box heading_text=”OUR MISSION” content_text=”To enhance the quality of life of vulnerable individuals, and promote the relieve and rehabilitation from poverty.
By; liaising with the public and third-party organisations to actualise interventions that will empower and increase the capacities of disadvantaged individuals within the community.” heading_color=”#004c15″ content_color=”#004c15″ graphic=”image” graphic_size=”90″ image=”2448″ el_class=”bt-featured” css=”.vc_custom_1568156426311{margin-top: 20px !important;}”]
[vc_featured_box heading_text=”OUR PRINCIPLES” content_text=”- Promotion of Human Rights.
– Advancement of Social Justice.
– Transparency & Accountability.
– Benevolence.
– Empowerment and Advocacy.” heading_color=”#004c15″ content_color=”#004c15″ graphic=”image” graphic_size=”90″ image=”2449″ el_class=”bt-featured”]